Warsaw, Poland 24 – 27 AUGUST 2022

Diversity and Bioethics

Call for Abstracts

34th European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine & Health Care

This conference will be organized by the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare, the Center for Bioethics & Biolaw at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw, as well as the Bioethics Committee at the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Science. The conference will focus on challenges posed by moral, religious and cultural diversity to healthcare, the life sciences and bioethics. Abstracts addressing any of the issues mentioned in the headings below from a philosophical and/or ethical perspective will be favored, although work on other topics can also be submitted.

Main Topics of the Upcoming Conference

Basic concepts

  • Diversity and pluralism
  • Relativism, objectivism and universalism
  • Moral disagreement
  • Moral compromise
  • Tolerance
  • Deliberation

Bioethics in democratic and/or autocratic societies

  • Bioethics and democratic values
  • Deliberative processes in bioethics
  • Moral expertise and moral experts
  • Ethics/bioethics committees
  • Moral education in a democratic society
  • Participatory medicine
  • Citizen science

Global bioethics

  • Challenges of multiculturalism
  • Theories of global bioethics
  • Global bioethics and human rights
  • Global health problems, research, practice, and policy
  • International cooperation for health

Conflicts between the patient’ rights and wishes & the health practitioner’s rights and duties

  • Wish fulfilling medicine (non-medical interventions)
  • Right-to-try and compassionate use
  • Alternative medicine
  • Conscientious objection in medicine

Facing diversity

  • Moral pluralism and the value of human life & death
  • Cultural diversity and concepts of health, disease, and illness
  • New reproductive technologies and diverse accounts of parenthood
  • Diversity (cultural, social, ethnic, gender) and justice in healthcare
  • Methods of resolving moral disagreements

Emerging ICT in healthcare

  • E-medicine / e-health
  • Wearables in healthcare
  • Big data on health and data mining
  • Public health surveillance technologies
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics

Anyone wishing to present a paper at the conference should submit an abstract in Word format (500 words maximum) before March 1, 2022. The Conference Programme Committee will select abstracts for oral presentation. Please send abstracts by e-mail to: Professor Bert Gordijn, Secretary of the espmh, Institute of Ethics, Dublin City University, Ireland: